Why Vestwell Needs Incoming Rollover & Distribution Forms

To roll over assets from a different retirement account or request a distribution, you will need to fill out a Rollover form or Withdrawal Request form in the Vestwell portal. 

Vestwell requires these forms for the following reasons:

  • For recordkeeping purposes and to obtain proof of participants’ rollover or withdrawal request submissions.
  • Vestwell reviews these forms to verify that the request is valid and complies with all Plan rules. 
  • These forms provide specifications to Vestwell on how and where to allocate the assets. 

Incoming rollover forms are needed so that participants can receive the instructions they must provide to the prior provider to send Vestwell the funds. The form also has the option to request Letters of Acceptance, which some firms need to initiate a rollover.

If you need help contacting the company that currently services the account you wish to transfer to Vestwell, here is a link to a helpful article that may include their contact information.